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Tips For Safer Shopping During The Coronavirus Crisis

What to do when you arrive with the purchase at home? And inside the supermarket? Do you have to wear gloves? All the tips to avoid contagion when shopping

These days of confinement everyone tries to leave home as little as possible, but there are those who are forced by work or to buy food or some essential product. And this last point is one of the most worrying elements.

Since the state of alarm was decreed, routines have changed when shopping and now it is common to see queues outside supermarkets and food stores or keep the recommended distance and wear masks and gloves. But despite everything there are still many doubts: how to act when going to the supermarket? What to do when you return home? Below we will try to detail all the recommendations that must be followed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

What Should Be Considered When Shopping?

  • Plan the purchase: Before leaving home it is very important to plan what will be in the next few days, to minimize time away from home. The Consumer and User Organization (OCU) recalls that it is important to limit departures and that you only have to leave when strictly necessary. The authorities recommend going shopping once a week.
  • Go alone: The authorities discourage going with children, the elderly or people with health problems. The best option is to go shopping alone. Above all, if you have any symptoms, try to avoid them. In this case, it is better to have someone bring what you need to your door. It is necessary that everyone who has symptoms avoid contact with others.
  • Do not go at peak times: You have to be aware that many food stores have changed their hours. Therefore, before leaving, it is better to look at what hours they do now.
  • You have to keep your distance: Experts recommend not approaching more than 1.5 meters to the others. They also recommend that if there are many people it is better to wait outside. Most establishments already control the capacity.
  • The bags from home: It is always much better to carry your bags, trolleys or baskets. Once at home, experts recommend washing them in the washing machine with hot water.

5 Tips To Improve The Online Shopping Experience

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the way of shopping online is changing, which has led to an increase in digital competition. So how can you design a good shopping experience so that customers are happy and stores are successful?

The current situation has accelerated the digitization of retail at a dizzying rate. Online stores must be prepared because online competition will continue to increase, which will also lead to an increase in customer expectations and a rethinking of current standards. Trbo, a Munich-based technology company and automated customer strategies, which maximizes online sales for fashion and sportswear companies such as Otto Group, Engelhorn, Lodenfrey, Sport Schuster, Keller Sports, etc., holds the keys.

Using AI-based technology, content and product selections on the web can be individually customized and adjusted in real time to customer needs. An algorithm analyzes user behavior based on approximately 50 characteristics of other visitors and offers various specific content. We’ve talked to Kira Schirl, trbo’s chief operating officer and AI personalization expert, about how fashion retailers can offer their customers a better online shopping experience, and we’ve summed up the conversation in five tips.

How Does A User Get To My Website?

A correct approach begins by determining through which channel you reach the online store. Because through the click, the interests of the different users can already be deduced. If they go directly to the product page, they should also immediately see the savings: the display of the offer with price comparison is particularly effective. We can also convince these users to buy through an incentive; for example, entering your data in exchange for a discount coupon.

When users access the site from platforms with images such as Instagram or Pinterest, it is more likely that they are looking for inspiration for their looks. They should be able to get to the inspiration pages of the web quickly and easily. In this sense, complete outfits can be presented segmented by themes and occasions. If the user likes one, they could add the full look to the cart in one click, without going through product lists of other products they are not looking for.

Where Does A User Access The Online Store From?

Not only the channel through which the user reaches the site is important, but also the entry page itself, it can be optimized to better meet the user’s needs. For example, in many online stores, special promotions are often only seen on the home page. But not all users arrive from the home page, they can also do it, for example, from a product page. Therefore, promotions should also be integrated into these pages. Depending on the type of channel or user, the promotion can be placed dynamically and more or less eye-catching.

In particular, product pages can be optimized, especially when the online store uses Google Shopping ads, because these redirect the user to a product page. If the user does not like the product they see, they will leave and the investment will not have been worth it. For this reason, product pages should be completed with alternative recommendations for other products. So the user can find what he is looking for among those other alternatives, and end up buying. With this measure alone, trbo has increased its user value by 23 percent.

What Might A User Be Interested In?

When it comes to product recommendations, it’s often important to optimize. Many stores do not use their full potential to offer a personalized selection. Many online stores show the same recommendations to all customers; Mostly the best sellers. But the sale can be optimized if the interests of the users are taken into account. For example, offering alternatives to similar products. Those recommendations can be customized based on your search. An intelligent algorithm can decide which products are the best. To achieve this, customers are divided into groups and their purchasing behavior is analyzed. With this data, recommendations can be made to other users.

When Does A User Visit The Online Store?

The time of day a user visits the online store can also be very useful information. Depending on Both the dates indicated and the weather can be factors to take into account. For example, the suggested articles or teasers on the home page can coincide with the weather conditions and the user’s location. If we know that the weather in the user’s area will be favorable during the weekend, we can, for example, propose a selection of swimsuits to anticipate your plan. Also, if a user is in Hamburg and it has been raining for days, we can accompany their purchase with a message that says: “Cloudy and gray again? Never mind! We add color to your days with our striking shirts.